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The Professional Academy of Cosmetology, LLC

The Beauty Industry

The Professional Academy of Cosmetology, LLC concentrates on graduating high school seniors and adults (male and female) who are seeking rewarding, diverse, and enriching career opportunities in the Beauty Industry. The Academy offers programs in Cosmetology, Natural Hair Braiding, Esthetician, and Teacher.  The Academy also focuses on helping adults move into their second career in the beauty industry.

Professional Academy of Cosmetology, LLC

Fully accredited by the National Association of Career Arts and Sciences

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Professional Academy of Cosmetology, LLC

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Norristown, PA 19401

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The Beauty Industry is a dynamic labor market with many opportunities for people in the fields of hair styling, natural hair design, skin care, and teaching. Students can use their skills in the beauty salon industry, merchandising fields, scientific industry, education industry, and the industry of entrepreneurship. Unique employment opportunities are found in salons, spas summer and winter resorts, cruise ships, and platform artistry. A career in cosmetology is the fifth largest employer of self-employed workers in the United States.  Helpful Industry Links:  Bureau of Labor Statistics:      American Job Center: