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"I was always challenged in school when it came to taking tests. Everything else clicked, but I had terrible tests scores. So I was scared to start my career in cosmetology.  With the one on one learning environment at the Academy my scores have really improved. Thanks for working with me."

V. Bouie


Professional Academy of Cosmetology

The Professional Academy of Cosmetology was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn and succeed. 


Over the past years, our staff has helped students learn theory and develop practical skills in the beauty industry. In addition, our students have improve their study habits, comprehension, and test-taking skills. As a result, students have obtained their Pennsylvania licenses in Cosmetology, Natural Hair Braiding, Teaching, and Esthetician.  These victories are celebrated with our students.  A recent survey showed that our graduates highly recommend the Professional Academy of Cosmetology to their family and friends.

The Academy takes pride in providing professional services to our clients which includes college professors, public school teachers, guidance counselors, and many community residents.